Fabien Combernous
31 years old, French.
Tel : +336.

I.T. engineer


Work Experience

[October 2004 - September 2005 ] IT recources center of Haute-Savoie
I.T. engineer

The mass management (800 schools, 300 public organisms, about 5000 websites hosted and 80000 mails/day) is a new aspect for me, but very interesting. To work in a team is comforting and important to permit the services to stay in a working state. To make easier the management of computers i produced several automatons. During this job i had to manage one coworker.

[January 2004 - September 2004 ] Consulting - Expertise - Training
  • Consulted by the regional center of teaching documentation in Montpellier.
  • Consulted by the cities grouping of Herault river valley .
  • Consulted by the Miyamabonsai seedbed.
  • Security expertise on a Linux server of Vitrolles city.
  • Training about Linux/Apache/Samba for the french specialist of motorcyclists insurance.

[October 2001 - October 2003] e'process S.A (about 20 users), France (2 offices)
I.T. and network infrastructure manager.
  • management of 30 heterogenous desktops network Linux/Win2k (70%/30%).
  • setup, software and hardware management of 10 servers Linux/Win2k (90%/10%).
  • setup of backup and restore plan.
  • management of softwares : setup, licences management, softwere security.
  • to be thrifty with softwares operating budget.
  • intrusted to buy all technicals items : computers, phone and security.
  • second level of technical support.
  • technical management of one company's change of premises, securised access to offices setup and company's phone system setup.

The versatile aspect of my function is motivating and informative. Important responsabilities linked with my job expand my decision-making ability. My activity give me contact all company functions : board of directors, personnel management and technical team. This is humanly enchiring and i listen differents point of view. I am therefore well able to evaluate needs.

[September 2000 - August 2001] Linbox S.A (about 20 users), France (3 offices)
Assurance quality manager.
  • setup of all QA tools (3500 perl lines).
  • setup of internal norms for technical documents.
  • management of a dedicated computers network for QA (5 Linux computers).
I.T. and network engineer.
  • setup and management of secured exchange between the offices (pptp).
  • management of Linux computers connected with 10 users.
  • intrusted to buy all items of one office.

This dual role allowed me to learn quick context changes and time management. Interaction with development tean and integration team and also the multi office aspect gave me knowledge of the importance of internal communications methods.

[June 2000 - August 2000] Seldon (6 users), France
System operator (trainee).
  • management of company's computer systems : 7 Win2k desktops plugged on ethernet network.
  • management of 3 Linux servers.
  • manager of the I.T. infrastructures security.
  • setup of an automatic fax service.

The ftp server of the company was the target of a first wave attack on security hole not yet published. To work closely with CERT gave me an understanding of the importance of the security aspect of I.T. infrastructures.


Initial Qualifications
  • [Sept 2000] Master of computers for companies management, Montpellier University of sciences, France
  • languages : english (2002), japanes (2003-2004)
  • seminars about I.T. security : Feb 2001 (Paris, France), Jun 2001 (Montpellier, France), Nov 2002 (Palavas, France)


  • travels in England, UK (1992 and 2001 - 4 weeks in private houses).
  • travel in Japan (2003 : 2 months in youth hostels and private houses).
  • Chairman of a libre software association : Association pour les Logiciels Libres (http://all.asso.fr).
  • Astronomy, japanes calligraphy.
  • JuJitsu, black belt 1st dan. Kendo black belt 1st dan.